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About Dr.Sujit

Dr. Sujit Chowdhary is a leading Pediatric Urologist in Delhi-NCR. He currently serves as the Senior Consultant for Pediatric Urology and Pediatric Neurosurgery at the prestigious Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, Delhi since 2005. Dr. Sujit has professional experience of over 25 years in the field of Pediatric Urology with absolutely zero complaints.

What is biliary atresia?

Healthy bile is a liquid made in the liver and travels to the biles which helps indigestion. Biliary atresia is unique from other urinary ailments as it afflicts newborns. In biliary atresia, the infant's biles are inflamed and blocked immediately after birth and it destroys all the liver cells.

What can cause biliary atresia in my newborn?

  • A child is born with it.
  • It happens due to abnormal organ ailments like heart defects and spleen ailments
  • If the mother is exposed to a viral infection.

What are the symptoms of biliary atresia in my infant?

This is unique from other urinary ailments as the child manifests certain conditions like 2-6 weeks after birth:

  • The new born’s infant will be hard rather than soft.
  • The newborn will have a swollen abdomen.
  • The baby suffers from jaundice.

How is the biliary atresia diagnosed in the child?

We know about it a few weeks after the child’s birth as any symptoms and perform certain tests to confirm biliary atresia in an infant. Blood test- We take the blood test to check any abnormal consistency in it. Liver Biopsy- It’s the most precise test to confirm the presence of bile ailment. In a biopsy, a small portion of the liver tissue is removed and sent for examination to the laboratory. Here it is analysed for cancerous cell formation.

What is the treatment for biliary atresia?

We recommend the treatment to begin within 3 months of birth. Laparoscopic surgery has made it possible to conduct such surgeries on newborn babies. Early treatment ensures that the child will have a normal and healthy life.

Radiation therapy- A high powered machine is focused on the cancer cells in the child’s kidney. The radiation emitted from this machine kills the cancer cells but works only in stage 3 cancer and above.

Kasai Surgery- A small incision is made for the insertion of tools through the tube in the bile.

  • The damaged bile duct is removed and replaced with the baby’s intestine.
  • This ensures that the new duct drains the bile from the liver to the intestine.


How long will my child live after the surgery?


Is it Hereditary?


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