Chloecord cysts: Diagnosis, Management and Treatment

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Chloecord cyst in children

What is a Chloecord cyst in children ?

A Chloecordcyst is a cyst of bile ducts. This is the rarest form of congenital disorder and strikes very few infants. In normal situations, the duct helps in food digestion in kids. In Chloecordcyst, the infant’ duct tube swells causing the bile to lock up in the liver and pancreatic juice flows back in the bile duct instead of the bladder. Early treatment is necessary to prevent the risk of bile cancer in adulthood.

Chloecord cyst in children

What are the primary causes of Chloecordcyst ?

  • Due to an abnormal intersection between the bile and the pancreatic duct.
  • When there are developmental abnormalities in the fetus’s bile ducts.

How do I recognise the signs of Chloecordcyst in my kid ?

In case of doubt, we watch out for the following symptoms in the infants. Sometimes the symptom doesn’t become visible till the child reaches the age of 10 years. But it makes sense to watch for these signs:

Chloecord cyst in children
  • Sudden abdominal mass.
  • Intense pain in the upper right belly.
  • Enlarged liver.

In older kids, these symptoms become more prominent signalling the advent of Chloecordcyst.

  • Having Fever constantly.
  • And frequent episodes of Jaundice.

How many types of Chloecordcysts are there ?

Chloecordcysts are divided into 4 separate categories:
  • Extrahepatic bile duct- Present outside the infant’s liver system.
  • Abnormal pouch opening from a duct.
  • Intrahepatic bile duct- Present inside the walls of the Duodenum.
  • Cyst on Both bile ducts.

Diagnosis and treatment of Chloecordcyst

The treatment of Chloecordcyst depends on the location of the Cyst. Any treatment undertaken by us is only after following these methods for its optimum diagnosis:

  • CT Scan- It shows the location of the cyst in the biliary system.
  • Cholangiography- This is the most advanced diagnostic test where there is a radiographic view of the bile. In Cholangiography, the dye is injected through the skin in the bile showing the precise location of the cyst.

Management of Choledochal Cysts

Once it has been confirmed that the child has a Chloecordcyst. The only way to remove it through surgery. We use the advanced surgical method to make this more successful than open surgery. It is safe hence even infants can undergo this operation.

Laparoscopic surgery- A small cut is made in the skin and a telescope-like instrument is inserted. It passes through the body and cuts the cyst from the inside and removes it. Once the cyst is removed the hole is closed.

Reconstruction surgery- It is the next step after the MIS surgery. The bile is reconstructed in the infant allowing a smooth movement from bile through ducts.


Is choledchodd cyst life-threatening?

Will it affect all kids?

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