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Dr. Sujit Chowdhary is a leading Pediatric Urologist in Delhi-NCR. He currently serves as the Senior Consultant for Pediatric Urology and Pediatric Neurosurgery at the prestigious Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, Delhi since 2005. Dr. Sujit has professional experience of over 25 years in the field of Pediatric Urology with absolutely zero complaints.

Hernia and Hydrocele

What is Hernia?

A hernia is more common in infants than one would imagine. All babies are born with an inguinal canal’s opening which closes naturally on its own. When this doesn’t happen it lead to the formation of a hernia in the fetus. In a hernia, the tunnel between the belly and inguinal canal remains open in the fetus. And organs like the intestine passes through this area leading to hernia formation in infants.

Hernia in always congenital in infants and will heal on its own most of the times.

Hernia and Hydrocele

What causes Hernia and hydrocele in infants?

The most prominent causes of hernia a hydrocele are unknown. It seems it is always congenital. Some of the most prominent causes are:

  • Premature birth.
  • Undescended testis.
  • Improper closing of inguinal canals.
  • Weakness in the abdominal muscles.
  • If it runs in family- Holds if there is a history of inguinal hernia in the immediate family.

How do I recognise the signs of Hernia in my infant?

We believe some of these signs are more noticeable amongst infants and kids who suffer from Hernia. They may appear as normal symptoms but it becomes necessary to consult our specialist doctor if these conditions persist:

  • There is a small bulge or swelling in the abdominal area.
  • The bulge flares up when the baby cries.
  • Constant Vomiting.
  • Fever.
  • Redness in the skin.

What are the different types of Hernia which afflict the kids?

The most prominent types of hernia which affect the kids are:
  • Inguinal hernia- In this, the part of the intestine gets pushed through the lower abdomen’s opening in the inguinal canal. It gets passed through the small opening in the abdomen
  • Umbilical hernia- This is unique as the intestine bulge is visible through the child’s abdominal walls.

Diagnosis and Treatment

Today technology has made it easier to diagnose the Hernia growth through means like:
  • Physical examination- We determine the hernia by touching the bulge in the abdominal and groin area. It feels soft on touch and is seen as a bulge under the skin.
  • A small cut is made in the hernia or belly button depending on the location of the hernia in the infant’s body. The hernia is removed and intestinal loops are inserted back into the abdomen. The muscles are stitched back or mesh is applied to strengthen the abdominal muscles.


Can a hernia lead to hydrocele?

How do I know the difference between Hernia and hydrocele?

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