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Testis undescended

What is Testis undescended ?

This condition afflicts the fetus in the womb itself as it happens in the fetus’s developmental stage. A testis undescended is a condition where one or more testicles have not moved to the scrotum, a pouch below the penis. In normal circumstances, this will happen by the 6th month but won’t happen if the baby is suffering from this ailment.

It is done for medical, personal and religious reasons.

Fun Fact: Did you know that a baby boy’s foreskin will not pull fully till the child reaches the age of 5.

What causes testis undescended in kids ?

  • If a kid is born prematurely before 9 months.
  • Having a low weight at birth.
  • If the fetus suffers from down syndrome.
  • For genetic reasons- If there is a family history of improper genital development.

The mother’s pre-existing health conditions play a role in

  • High diabetes in pregnancy.
  • Having a low weight at birth.
  • Being overweight.
  • Smoking and Drinking in pregnancy.
Testis undescended

How do I recognise the signs of undescended testis in my baby ?

We recommend you to look at the baby’s penis right after its birth. A Doctor will look for these signs to find any abnormality in the penis.

  • Unable to see testis- in the baby’s scrotum
  • Flat and small scrotum- When both testicles are not properly developed the scrotum will look flat and be small in shape.
  • Retractible testicle- In young boys, the testicle doesn’t move back to the groin. In a normal scenario, it goes back into the scrotum but not in testis undescended.

How are undescended testicles treated ?

Most surgeries performed on babies of a minimal invasive kind. There is very little risk of side effects and recovery time is quicker too.

Laparoscopy surgery- A pediatric urologist surgeon puts the testicles back in the scrotum and restitches it. However, if the testicle is poorly developed or dead than we also remove the damaged testicular tissue.

Prosthetic treatment- If after the surgery on the infant’s testis one or both testis doesn’t survive. We

Non-surgical treatment:

Sometimes it is possible to heal undescended testis through a mixture of hormonal and medicinal treatment.

Hormonal treatment- A hormone called HCG is allowed is administered through hormonal treatment. The benefit is that the testicle will move into the scrotum on its own without any surgery on the kids.

After surgery Homecare

  • After the surgery, it is essential to do continuous checking for proper testicular development.
  • It is good to check for it during the diaper change.
Testis undescended


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