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About Dr.Sujit

Dr. Sujit Chowdhary is a leading Pediatric Urologist in Delhi-NCR. He currently serves as the Senior Consultant for Pediatric Urology and Pediatric Neurosurgery at the prestigious Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, Delhi since 2005. Dr. Sujit has professional experience of over 25 years in the field of Pediatric Urology with absolutely zero complaints.

Urinary stone

What is urinary stone in children ?

It is very common for infants and kids to develop stone at some stage. Most stones are formed in the Kidney, ureter and Urinary tract. A stone is formed when residues of natural minerals and others in urine bind together to form a large and hard stone. The stone can be formed quickly as well as over a long period of time.

Urinary stone

How do I know about various types of stones which can affect my child?

There are two major types of urinary stone formation in kids.

  • Calcium oxalate stone.
  • Calcium phosphate stone.
  • Stones made from acids like uric and amino acids.

How do I determine the cause of stone development in my kid ?

We recommend checking for these conditions in kids. And If it persists for a long time its an indication that something is wrong in the urinary tract system.

  • Low urine flow.
  • Blocked urine flow.
  • High sodium diet.
  • Hyperoxaluria.
  • Cystinuria.
  • Kidney Infection in kids.

What are the signs of Urinary stone formation ?

We can recognise the urinary stone by the presence of one or more of these symptoms in our kids. And which refuse to go away with time.

  • Medical History- We will ask you about the medical history of stone in the family. So it’s good to tell everything about it with an open mind.
  • Physical examination- Our Doctor will check for the presence of any abnormal structural formation through massage.
  • Renal Scan- Renal ultrasound scan is a radiological test to determine the urinary stone’s presence in a child’s urinary tract. A handheld device is slid over the skin emitting sound waves through which pictures of the kidney, ureters and bladder interiors are taken. It shows any abnormal growth in a kid’s internal organs.
  • CT Scan- This is a much less advanced method in comparison to an ultrasound scan. In a CT scan, a 3D machine shows the image and exact location of the kidney stone.

Non-Surgical treatment

At our clinic we adopt a various painless method for stone removal which are:

  • Over the counter drug treatment- In these drugs, suggested by us like Ibuprofen are recommended to lessen the pain.
  • Extracorporeal shock waves Lithotripsy- This is the most advanced painless technique of stone removal. In ESWL, focused shock waves are passed through the urinary tract and bladder. It shows any abnormal development or blockage in the kid’s urinary tracts and crushes it internally. The broken stone then passes out of the body via urination.

Surgical treatment

A necessary treatment when the stone is large in size and can’t pass out through urination. We use these methods as they require minimal surgery.

  • Ureteral stent- It is the most recommended surgery for a kid having a blocked kidney and narrow ureter. A ureteral stent is a thin, soft and hollow tube placed inside the ureter to keep it open. In the ureter, the top portion of the stent is curled and sits in the kidney while the opposite end is curled inside the bladder. It drains the urine from the kidney to the bladder when a kid can’t have normal urine flow. After undergoing ESWL, the stent is placed for 7-14 days in a kid’s body till its fully healed.
  • Nephrostomy tube procedure- In this a small tube reaches the child’s kidney through the skin insertion. We use this technique to drain all urine from the kidney which is deposited outside the body.

Prevention of Urinary stone formation

  • A kid needs to drink large amounts of water during the day to prevent the growth of stone.
  • Also, it is essential to maintain a good hygiene level and keep their genitals clean.


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