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About Dr.Sujit

Dr. Sujit Chowdhary is a leading Pediatric Urologist in Delhi-NCR. He currently serves as the Senior Consultant for Pediatric Urology and Pediatric Neurosurgery at the prestigious Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, Delhi since 2005. Dr. Sujit has professional experience of over 25 years in the field of Pediatric Urology with absolutely zero complaints.

daycare surgery

What is daycare surgery ?

A daycare surgery is the modern surgical variants. The operation is done on the same day and kids can go back home on the same day. A daycare surgery is a separate entity with an experienced pediatric urologist, nursing staff and managers. At the daycare surgery centre, we offer the best services for urinary ailments like stone removal treatment.

Fun facts : It is the centre giving the outpatient provision.

daycare surgery

The conjoined twins are usually of the same sex.

What is the type of daycare surgery for my kids ?

It is ideal for an infant or young kid to have daycare surgeries for treatments like:

  • Hernia treatment in Kids.
  • For stone removal treatment.
  • Gall bladder stone removal surgery.

What are the benefits of daycare surgery for my kids ?

It is an ideal scenario for kids as we offer laparoscopic surgery. In minimally invasive surgery, we use laparoscopic surgeries as it gives these benefits:

  • No anaesthesia- there is very little or no anaesthesia used.
  • Same day recovery- A kid can go back on the same day.

What are the recovery phases if my child goes for daycare surgery ?

We use two phases to monitor the recovery process in kids. It becomes essential to keep these factors in mind when a kid is going through the recovery phase.

  • In the first phase, we check on kids who have undergone surgery. The kid must be stabilized before being discharged.
  • In the second phase, the infant or kid is allowed to go home if the child shows no side effects.


What procedures are done on the same day of surgery?

Is it a safe treatment for kids?

It is always best to go for a second consultation for congenital surgery with a specialist.

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